Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Kesha Cleans Up Real Nice

So dirty girl pop princess Kesha, Ke$ha, whatever - you know the girl who sings Tik Tok and has the new single Blah, Blah, Blah - can actually clean up pretty well when she sets her mind to it. Yeah, usually she makes a point of looking as ridiculously trashy as she possibly can -- I'm not complaining, I find it really hot actually -- but here she is looking all tidied up for the photo call for the NRJ Music Awards... erm... whatever in the hell those are. Anyways, I am seriously digging the cleavage of course, because it is some niiiiice cleavage, and the frothy mane of blond hair cascading everywhere but the real revelation is her face. She's actually... pretty. Like pretty pretty not pretty dirty. Hmmm.... this chick is seriously growing on me. Enjoy!

Kesha Cleans Up Real Nice 1
Kesha Cleans Up Real Nice 2
Kesha Cleans Up Real Nice 3
Kesha Cleans Up Real Nice 4
Kesha Cleans Up Real Nice 5

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