Monday, January 11, 2010

Top 10 Kesha Fun Facts

Hey - have you heard of this crazy cool chick Ke$ha aka Kesha? Sure ya have - whether you recognize the name or not -- she's the gal behind that insanely catchy #1 hit song "Tik Tok". That damn song has burned its way into my brain... big time. And I usually hate that kinda crap - but what-er-ya-gonna-do? Anyways, so I looked into her a bit and this is what I was able to find out:

10. Ke$ha Likes Getting Spanked By Katy Perry.

That's right - THE Katy Perry. Remember how Katy said she kissed a girl - but didn't even know her name? I'm guessing her name was Ke$ha.

Katy Perry Spanks Kesha

9. Ke$ha Has A Good Hold On Her Boobs.

The girl knows what her true assets are doesn't she? Yes, yes she does.

Kesha Has A Good Hold On Her Boobs
8. Ke$ha Is A Dirty Girl.

I don't know about you, but I loooooooove dirty girls.

Kesha Crotch Shot

7. Ke$ha Can Open A Beer Bottle With Her Teeth.

Kinda begs the question: what other skills does her mouth have hmmmmmm?

Kesha Opens Beer Bottle With Her Teeth
6. Ke$ha Lets Girls Lick Her Boobs.

Girls licking other girls boobs is right up there near the top of my YUM! list.

Girl Licks Kesha Boobs
5. Ke$ha Is Not Very Polite.

Look at her shooting you the finger. Are you just gonna sit there and let her get away with that? Ya big pussy.

Kesha Gives You The Finger
4. Ke$ha's Cleavage... Nice.

Have I mentioned this yet? Kinda sorta? Well, it bears repeating.

Kesha Nice Cleavage
3. Ke$ha Is Really Big On This Whole Lesbian Tease Thing.

See #10 and #6.

2. Ke$ha Can Guzzle A Pitcher Of Beer.

This girl - is without doubt - a whole lot of fun at a party.

Kesha Pitcher Of Beer Poured Down Her Throat

1. The Music Video For "Tik Tok" Is Wicked Cool