Monday, January 25, 2010

Sasha Grey Bares Her Ass For Peta

Sooooo Sasha Grey, Sasha Grey.... who in the hell is Sasha Grey? Yeah, I dunno either. BUT from the looks of her in this here Peta ad where she's baring her pretty nice ass in an effort to convince you to have your poor little doggy's jewels removed, I think I have a reasonable guess. Have a gander and see what you think:

Sasha Grey Nude Peta
Just for fun though why don't we also peruse some of her recently posted Twitter Pics and have a little multiple choice test and see if we come up with the right answer. Ready? Okay, here we go:

A) Snake Milker?

Sasha Grey Twitter 4
B) Star Trek Alien Floozy?

Sasha Grey Twitter 2
C) Nail Polish Saleswoman?

Sasha Grey Twitter 3
D) Professional Whistler?

Sasha Grey Twitter 4
E) Alice In Wonderland Impersonator?

Sasha Grey Twitter 5
F) Crocodile Wrangler?

Sasha Grey Twitter 6 G) Podiatrist?

Sasha Grey Twitter 7
H) Odor Tester?

Sasha Grey Twitter 8
I) Chicken Sexer?

Sasha Grey Twitter 9
Think you got it? Okay - let's look at the answer and see:

None of the Above. Yeah, she's a Porn Star. Surprise, surprise huh?