Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ke$ha Does Toronto... In Canada? Up North? You Know?

What in the hell is it about this Ke$ha chick that just... totally floats my boat (if you know what I'm saying)? I mean, all the Tik Tok #1 hit pop princess is doing is walking about in her way too funky -- no I mean it - it's an outfit that is really trying waaaaay to hard to be cool -- getup in the streets of the center of the universe aka Toronto... you know in that country Canada - the big one above the U.S.... the Great White North? Bob and Doug MacKenzie? Hoser? Hockey? Any of this ringing a bell?... but she's reaaaallly getting a rise outta me. I think it's because she has "dirty girl" written all the hell over her (it's true check out: Top 10 Ke$ha Fun Facts). And that works for me. Big time. Anyways, enjoy the candid view - Cheers.

Kesha Does Toronto 1
Kesha Does Toronto 2
Kesha Does Toronto 3
Kesha Does Toronto 4