Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Amanda Seyfried Is Beyond Gorgeous

Holy gorgeous Batman! No wonder the world's sexiest woman Megan Fox couldn't wait to lock her own loverly lips onto Amanda Seyfried's in Jennifer's Body! Though they're both saying stuff these days like ewwww! That was gross! I didn't wanna do it! They are lying. I mean, Megan has admitted to having big-time bisexual leanings - admitting to a lust affair with a stripper for gawd's sake... okay let's all pause and enjoy that fantasy for a moment.... mmmmm... that was awesome! - And just look at Amanda's luscious lips here as she poses for the February issue of Lucky magazine. And those eyes... OMFG - I could get lost in those things for days.... weeks even. Mamma Mia she is friggin' gorgeous. So Megan wanted some of that - you just know it. And for her part how could Amanda - or any man or woman or whatever even hope to resist the chance to taste Megan? Impossible. Simply, utterly, completely impossible. So they were both up for it. No doubt about it. Annnnyyyywayyysss - enjoy these delicious snaps of Amanda - Cheers.

Amanda Seyfried Gorgeous Portait
Amanda Seyfried Lucky Cover