Thursday, December 3, 2009

Kerry Bishe: The Epic Cuteness Of The New Star of Scrubs

Kerry Bishe as Lucy Bennett on Scrubs 1

Right, so as I mentioned in my post: Scrubs: The Next Generation - its a whole new deal on one of my fave shows this season. Its a major re-vamp, with tons of fresh meat added to the cast and returning characters for the most part moved more into the background. I had my doubts - but was hoping for the best. Okay, so I watched Tuesday's back-to-back episodes on my TiVO last night -- and I'm here to tell you -- this show still totally rocks!!! They got everything right. The same quirky humor built brilliantly around real emotions and real life situations and experiences. Still a good amount of J.D. and Turk (at least to start off the season) and loads of Dr. Cox -- probably my favorite character on the show - his scathing sarcasm and devastating attacks on the students -- he's just awesome. The new cast members? Lots of good stuff here - the only one I'm not so big on is the spoiled rich kid but it'll be fun watching him brought to his knees over time. BUT the big revelation -- and the crucial one of course -- is the new main character Lucy Bennett. She is played by Kerry Bishe and my good gawd she is... amazing. She is EPICALLY cute. And yet stunningly sexy at the same time. Just like the very under-appreciated Sarah Chalke aka Elliot Reid before her, she is endearingly cute and funny and lacking self-esteem and yet... soooooo hot. The scene in the first episode where she shows off the naked back... uhm.... yum! She is really gonna be able to carry this thing, she's got the skills. Sadly, the world hasn't yet caught onto Kerry - and the old internet is sadly lacking in images to share with you. I've included here the best I could find -- a couple of nice promo pics from the show -- which trust me though, don't really do her beauty justice -- and a couple of candids of her in a bar showing her beer guzzling skills. I likey that. But I need more and better NOW! So here's an open request to the editors of Maxim, FHM, GQ and Esquire: please, please, please, sign Kerry up for a photo shoot asap. Bikini and lingerie shots very much preferred. Thank you!

Scrubs Season 9 Cast Poster
Kerry Bishe as Lucy Bennett Scrubs 2
Kerry Bishe Candid Beer
Kerry Bishe Candid Hat