Saturday, December 5, 2009

Joanna Krupa Is A Naked PeTA Angel

Joanna Krupa Peta Nude with Cross Peta Close Up
Ya know, I'm not really a religious man. But, it turns out I really have this thing for angels. 'Cause man oh man I'm telling you there sure has been some incredibly beautiful ones wandering around our little world without a whole lot of clothing on lately (see: Victoria's Secret Angels At The Armory). Today for instance we have Joanna Krupa, you know, the blond delight from the most recent edition of Dancing With The Stars who ultimately lost out to Donny Osmond of all people. Who on this planet would choose Donny over Joanna? The army of blue-hairs who watch that show I guess. Annnyyywayyyss, Joanna is a big believer in animal rights and to prove it she took off all her clothes for PeTA and posed as the most gloriously naked angel you're ever gonna cast your eyes on. I don't wanna blaspheme or upset you true believers or anything... but that d@mn cross is really pissing me off! But for that we'd all be blissfully in heaven right now. Still, the view is pretty good from right here I'd say. Enjoy the nudity - Cheers.

Joanna Krupa Nude Peta Angel With Cross
Joanna Krupa Naked Peta Angel With Dog