Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sofia Vergara Is The Gift That Just Keeps On Giving

Sofia Vergara Nude Rocks

Picture: Sofia Vergara Nude Rocks

*** Ring, Ring***

Celebrity Hot Sauce: Hello?

Sofia Vergara: What in the hell is the matter wit chew?

CHS: Sofia Vergara? From ABC's Modern Family? Is that you?

SV: Jes its me - and I'm very pissed off wit chew. Why would chew post pics of me in my undies and looking luscious - but then go and post pics of that skinny little bitch Julie Bowen nekkid? That's no fair!

CHS: But Sofia... you look awesome in those pics...

SV: Who do you think looks better nekkid hmmm? Me? Or Julie? Hmmm?

CHS: Well, you, of course.

SV: Damn right! Now chew post some of my nekkid pics today or else!

CHS: Or else what?

SV: Just post the pics little man. Now!

*** Click ***

...and SCENE. I hope you enjoyed our little play here today at Celebrity Hot Sauce Theater. Thanks to our sponsor "Mr. Wedgies Elastic Underwear" and a special thank you to Charo for supplying the horrible Colombian accent. Have a safe drive home -- oh and enjoy the pics!

Sofia Vergara Nude With Gorilla
Picture: Sofia Vergara Nude With Gorilla
Sofia Vergara Holds Onto Her Boobs For Dear Life
Picture: Sofia Vergara Holds Onto Her Boobs For Dear Life
Sofia Vergara Smiling Thong
Picture: Sofia Vergara Smiling Thong