Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Modern Family's Julie Bowen Nude

Right. So I'm thinking about how much I like the new show "Modern Family" - because its on tonight - but its a rerun I understand (boo!) -- and you know I already posted about the voluptuous Colombian goddess of the show Sofia Vergara in her undies - so I start thinking about the sexy blonde who plays Al Bundy's daughter - one Miss Julie Bowen. Oh, I've been a big fan of hers since she was on "Boston Legal" -- I never did understand why they wrote her and Mark Valley's characters out of that show -- but anyways, she is a super cutie. I figured I'd surf around a bit to see if there were any nice bikini pics or anything I could share with you... when all of a sudden I hit a very unexpected mother-lode. I found her bare-ass naked in a pic from the awesome Allure magazine issue from a while back where they convinced a whole batch of actress babes to go naked for some reason or another. Charity maybe? But whatever the reason - here she is in her birthday suit. What a sweet birthday suit it is too...

Update: Sofia Vergara Nude Too!

Julie Bowen Nude

Picture: Julie Bowen Nude