Monday, December 6, 2010

Sarah Hyland At The Jingle Ball

So hey how about one more set of candid snaps of yet another babe at that KIIS FM Jingle Ball at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles last night December 5, 2010? Sure why not - so this time Celebrity Hot Sauce has super cutie pie Modern Family starlet Sarah Hyland on the red carpet - enjoy!

Katy Perry At The Jingle Ball

Right, so Celebrity Hot Sauce just brought you Victoria Justice at the KIIS FM Jingle Ball at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles last night December 5, 2010, and now we have the world's one true goddess - Katy Perry!!!! Katy is THE PERFECT WOMAN. Completely, utterly perfect in every possible way. I happened to watch her awesome California Gurls video for the billionth time last night - which BTW if you haven't ever seen it - WATCH IT! - and I'm telling you, there isn't a more gorgeous, more fun, more playful, more cute, more sexy, more luscious, more wonderful woman on this or any other planet. So there. Enjoy the candid fashionable views of the pretty pop princess - Cheers.

Victoria Justice At The Jingle Ball

Now Celebrity Hot Sauce has the unbelievably pretty star of the Nickelodeon hit series Victorious, Victoria Justice, on the red carpet at the KIISFM Jingle Ball at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles last night, December 5, 2010. So pretty. So very, very pretty. P-R-E-T-T-Y!!!!! Enjoy the candid pictures - Cheers.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Ashley Greene Covers Cosmo January 2011

Uhm... yum! Why look at what Celebrity Hot Sauce has to kick start your heart this fine Sunday morn. Its The Twilight Saga's real brunette goddess Ashley Greene offering a gaping, wondrous, deliciously magnificent view of her ample... erm... chest region on the cover of the January 2011 issue of Cosmopolitan magazine. You're welcome.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Arianny Celeste Even Looks Hot When She's Dressed!

UFC Ring Girl Arianny Celeste has such a hot rocking body that it turns out she looks stunningly sexy even with her clothes on! Who knew? Yes, the gal recently made internationally famous via baring her celebrity skin in the pages of the great Playboy magazine showed up yesterday December 3, 2010 in Las Vegas to sign copies of her November cover issue. And. Well. Look at that body of hers just b-b-b-bursting out of her delightfully tight shirt and pants. That is a body that desperately wants to be seen. Anyways, enjoy the sexy girl here at Celebrity Hot Sauce - Cheers.

Jessica Alba At Miu Miu Store Launch In London

Okay, so now Celebrity Hot Sauce brings you these tasty views of one of the world's sexiest mom's looking... erm... sexy as always as she attends the Miu Miu store launch at Lancaster House in London, England yesterday December 3, 2010. She always, always, always looks so well put together even when she's just bumming around with Honor - but its nice to see her all done up like this isn't it? Sure it is - so enjoy the candid snaps - Cheers.

Taylor Swift Is Bliss-fully Cute

And now Celebrity Hot Sauce has these out-takes from the photo shoot breathy, paper-thin voiced (yet somehow still listenable)  blond-a-licious country pop goddess Taylor Swift did for her November appearance in Bliss magazine. The girl is just looking... cuter than a basketful of kittens isn't she? Yes, yes she is. Enjoy the views - Cheers.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Katy Perry Salutes The Troops

Hang on a second... didn't Celebrity Hot Sauce do a Katy Perry post just like... a few moments ago? Yes, I did. Katy's Bedazzled Lips it was. But so what? Like I said in that post - "the more Katy the better I always say" - that's a direct quote and it turns out to be true. So anyways, here is the crazy sexy coolest pop tart on the planet at the VH1 Divas Salute To The Troops Concert earlier tonight. God... she is so damn hot. I just want to eat her all up. Every sweet and succulent inch of her.

Miranda Kerr Beautifully Pregnant For Aussie Vogue

It was just as I was about to start dashing off these silly words when I noticed the article title for the cover story on Miranda Kerr in Australian Vogue's January 2011 issue. It reads: Miranda Kerr In Bloom. That is bloody brilliant. I'm sure they're not the first to think of it but still... that's a damn good one. You know, because it was that Pirate Elf husband of hers Orlando Bloom who put that bun in her oven. Anyways, Celebrity Hot Sauce thinks she looks just stunningly, gorgeously, wonderfully, glowingly pregnant here - so enjoy!

Odette Yustman and Amber Heard Are Still In Their Bikinis

It was way, way, way back in April that Celebrity Hot Sauce shared some tasty promotional stills from the "up-coming" movie And Then The Darkness featuring the sweet bikini bodies of brunette stunner Odette Yustman and luscious lesbian Amber Heard. So here it is now December... and those poor, poor gals are still just hanging about in their bikinis waiting for the stupid movie to get released. Ah well. Maybe next year. So the least we can all do to help make them feel their commitment has not been in vain is to have a good long leer. A gooooood looooong leer.

Katy Perry's Bedazzled Lips

So here's an alternate cover shot, I guess, for the December 2010 issue of Harper's Bazaar from the one Celebrity Hot Sauce already shared with you back in early November. Not that I'm complaining. The more Katy the better I always say. In fact, this cover is 110% cooler than the other one anyways. Check out those bejewelled lips! Or bedazzled. Though I hope they weren't bedazzled for Katy's sake because that would have hurt like hell. Anyways, I wanted to steal a kiss from her as it was... now I want to steal those lips and keep them... well at least until I could sell them. Daddy needs a new pair of shoes!

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Rihanna Red Hot For British GQ January 2011

Okay, so if for any bizarro world reason superstar R&B songstress Rihanna isn't already on your list of top hot babes - then Celebrity Hot Sauce has these 15 sizzling hot reasons to change your stupid mind from the January 2011 issue of British GQ. I sure know I'd like to make her feel like she's the only girl in the world. About 10 or a hundred times if she'd let me anywhere near her. Enjoy the wonderful girl-flesh - Cheers.

Mila Kunis Gorgeous For Venice Magazine

Is Mila Kunis anywhere near in the same league of gorgeousness as her co-star in the ballet thriller Black Swan opening today The World's Most Beautiful Woman - Natalie Portman? No. But then, NOBODY even comes close. Is Mila nonetheless a beautiful woman? Yes. The proof is all here now at Celebrity Hot Sauce from the December 3, 2010 issue of Venice magazine.

The Best Picture Of Rosie Jones EVER

Rosie Jones, the current Queen Of The Page 3 Girls, is obviously sexy as all get out. And we've seen plenty of pictures of her exposing even more of her lovely girl flesh. But. Sometimes just knowing that she's standing there starkers with her loveliest bits just oh so barely covered, draped as they are in the English flag (she's a patriotic gal after all), you know, the tease of it is even hotter than full exposure. And Rosie's face can sometimes look, I don't know, just kind of... weird. This time the angle is right. The come hither look on her face is just right. Cripes... even her feet are sexy here. So enjoy the celebrity skin at Celebrity Hot Sauce.

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